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What is the purpose of the PDAs?

The purpose of the Departmental Plans for the Business Management of Water and Sanitation Services is to support the municipalities in the task of ensuring the provision of public aqueduct, sewer and cleaning services, and in complying with the sectoral obligations imposed by the Political Constitution, Laws 99, 136, 142, 689, 715, 1151 and 1176, and Legislative Decree 028 of 2008.

How can the municipalities comply with their obligation to ensure the provision of public aqueduct, sewer and cleaning services?

Among other ways, through the business modernization and/or institutional strengthening of the aqueduct, sewer and/or cleaning services providers; the development and/or consolidation of a business culture among the providers, the planning and execution of projects and investments; and the implementation of environmental and social strategies that ensure the materialization of a comprehensive project for the sector in the municipalities of the respective Department.

What is a PDA?

A PDA is a set of strategies and activities that are designed to support municipal management and that promote the comprehensive harmonization of resources and the implementation of efficient and sustainable schemes for the provision of public drinking water and sanitation services. It is framed by the following criteria:

  • Support for municipalities in business transformation and/or institutional strengthening processes that ensure the implementation by the municipalities and/or town councils of efficient and sustainable schemes for the provision of public drinking water and sanitation services.
  • Development of projects in urban and rural areas with a regional focus and a long-term horizon. This concept is based on collaboration with the municipalities that make up the regional scheme, providing economies of scale, the design of optimal market structures, and the unification of sectoral policies and criteria for the allocation of resources.
  • Support for municipalities in achieving ordered, equitable and efficient use of future income flows that are derived especially from General Participation System (SGP) transfers for drinking water and sanitation, and other sources.
  • Optimization of infrastructure and operational improvements.
  • Building and consolidation of the management capacities of the Department and municipalities in relation to their basic responsibilities for the planning, coordination, regulation and supervision of the drinking water and sanitation sector and the preservation of natural resources.
  • Promotion of the social and economic development of the municipalities, and creation of favorable conditions for private investment in commercial, industrial, tourism, manufacturing and agro-industrial projects.
  • Organization of hydrographic basins through water source conservation plans, the reduction of the pollution load of wastewater discharges, and proper solid waste management.
  • Compliance with sectoral environmental obligations by the municipalities and drinking water and sanitation service providers.
Compliance with the Technical Regulation of the Drinking Water and Basic Sanitation Sector -RAS- 2000, or the regulations that modify, replace or add to it.

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